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The material for this tour is made possible by the outstanding research of two local history authors: Ken Dickson, author of Nothing Personal Just Business, Prohibition and Murder on Toledo's Mean Streets and Something for Nothing: Gambling in the Glass City.  As well as Terry Shaffer, author of Illegal Gambling Clubs of Toledo. Credit is also due to our local newspapers for their in-depth reporting during this turbulent time in Toledo history. Music for this tour is provided by


The Unholy Toledo Tour was compiled and produced by Tedd Long, a writer, photographer, and local historian. Tedd has been guiding Northwest Ohio history tours for many years. The common thread in all of Tedd’s work is his hope that it will help heighten awareness for America's natural and historical heritage and provide support and encouragement to the many people who work to preserve our natural and cultural treasures.

To learn more about this tour, we suggest the following books:

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