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Acme Sales Company - Unholy Toledo Tour
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The vacant lot at the northwest corner of Monroe and Jackson was home to the Acme Sales Company.  We don't make these names up, we know it sounds like something right out of a Road Runner cartoon but the Acme Sales Company was owned by Joe and Ben Fretti. They made table games but the business served as a front for slot machines, bootlegging and gambling. The Fretti’s tried to hold out against Licavoli but quickly agreed to an offer they couldn’t refuse after one of their warehouses was firebombed shortly after Licavolli's arrival in Toledo. Despite all of their police connections, Licavoli was able to take a big percentage of their gambling operation and this corner became a hangout for the Licavolli gang.


This is the site of a June 10, 1933 incident that defined Jack Kennedy as the gutsy protagonist of the Unholy Toledo story and, more than likely, marked him for death.


Jack and two members of his posse were travelling south on Michigan when Giovanni "John" Mirabella, a notorious Licavoli hit man, jeered them. Kennedy stopped his expensive open roadster in the middle of the street, jumped out, walked up to Mirabella and cold-cocked him on the spot.  It is said Jack’s first punch broke Mirabella’s jaw and he didn't stop there.  After thrashing Mirebella, Kennedy calmly waked back to his car as the Licavoli gang opened fire.  Jack sped off with his crew, unscathed and victorious. For the time being.

Continue on Monroe, turn right on St. Clair and pull over at St. Clair and Lafayette.

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