The Avenue of Booze

Dixie Highway and Detroit Avenue
The Avenue of Booze - Unholy Toledo Tour
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Since many patrons of Toledo's unholy establishments flowed in from Detroit and Monroe, Michigan, Dixie Highway and Detroit Avenue become known as the “Avenue of Booze” and Rummer’s Runaway.”  Over the years, many gambling joints appeared along this infamous highway, including:

  • The New Dixie Inn, 5210 North Detroit (Now OmniSource) | Operated from 1954 to 1957 – 24 hours a day.

  • The Dixie Inn, 4800 North Detroit (Opposite E. Poinsetta) | Owned by Benny Aronoff, Joe and Pat Morrissy (former assistants to Jimmy Hayes), Ed Warnke and Harry Levine.  Opened in 1935, closed in 1941.  Had 4 craps tables, 3 blackjack tables and 1 roulette table.  During its peak years, operated 24 hours per day.

  • The Mecca Club, 4700 Detroit Avenue (Opposite California Blvd.) | Opened in 1943, closed in 1957.

  • Chesterfield Club, 4647 – 4649 Detroit Avenue at Pasadena | Owned by Red Yaranowski and Louis “Paddock” Walker in the 1940s.  Specialized in Craps and blackjack.

Continue south on Detroit to LaGrange.  Turn left on Lagrange and follow it to the Greenbelt Parkway.  Turn right on the Parkway, follow it over Cherry Street onto Spielbusch, on to Michigan and turn left on Jefferson.  Pull over at the Commodore Perry Apartments at 505 Jefferson Ave for our last stop.

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