Bell Murder

Superior and Jackson
Bell Murder - Unholy Toledo Tour
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The Licavoli gang demonstrated just how far they would go to control Toledo's illicit gambling and booze business at this busy intersection on a Tuesday evening in 1932.

On November 30, 1932, after enjoying the motion picture, If I Had a Million, at the Paramount Theatre, Jack Kennedy and his new girlfriend, 22-year old Louise Bell were heading for his club on St. Clair Street to close out the evening.  As he stopped his Pontiac coupe at a traffic signal at Superior and Jackson streets, a second car pulled alongside and gunmen leaned out of the windows to spray Kennedy's vehicle with gunfire. Jack escaped unharmed; Miss Bell, who came to Toledo from Kentucky to be a manicurist, was killed.


Over the next week, headlines screamed for justice for the cold-blooded murder of "Jack's girl" and the attempt on Kennedy's life, while the mayor and police chief proved their complete lack of control over the situation, the case went nowhere.

Turn right onto Jackson and slide over to the far left.  Pull over next to the boulevard at St. Clair.

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