The FBI Sneaks into Town

2132 Monroe Street
The FBI Sneaks into Town - Unholy Toledo Tour
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Now the home of the Lucas County 911 Building, a second-floor apartment that once sat here on Monroe Street between 21st and 22nd Street was the site of J. Edgar Hoover and his G-men’s capture of Harry Campbell in 1936. Campbell was No. 1 on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for the kidnapping and $200,000 ransom of Edward George Bremer Jr., a brewery tycoons son, in St. Paul in 1934.  This was a famous arrest not only because Campbell was no. 1 on Hoover’s most wanted list but because:

  1. The Toledo Police knew nothing about Campbell or the raid—Hoover and his men literally slipped into town by airplane at 4:00 am to conduct the Monroe Street capture of Campbell,

  2. After the arrest, the Lucas County Sheriff admitted to drinking with Campbell during his safe refuge in Toledo at Goulet's Grill, located at 2130 Monroe Street, and

  3. Hoover’s response to the Toledo Police protest of not being part of the raid: “My statement of the refusal of G-men to co-operate with corrupt police forces was broader than your chief stated in his protest.”

Now you know just how wide open Toledo was back in the day.

The FBI Sneaks into Town

Let's head east on Monroe to the corner of Michigan Avenue.  Pull over so you are out of the way of traffic.

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