Golden Rose Supper Club

121st Street and 304th Street
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Golden Rose Supper Club - Unholy Toledo Tour
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Looking out to your right, at the end of 121st Street is a vacant lot on the north side of the street that was once home to a popular bay-side restaurant in Point Place. Club Lido was a place to enjoy dinner and a few drinks along Maumee Bay throughout the 1920's. It was owned and operated by John O’Connell until the Licavoli gang decided to take it over and reopen it as the Golden Rose Supper Club when they arrived in Toledo in 1931.


Under Licavoli ownership, Club Lido was transformed into an elegant supper club with all the amenities. It featured an expensively decorated first floor, a separate dance hall and gambling suites on the second floor. Unfortunately for Licavoli, nightly police raids ordered up by Jimmy Hayes kept the gamblers away. According to local historian and author Ken Dickson, Licavoli mistakenly blamed Jack Kenned for the regular visits from law enforcement. He was eventually forced to abandon the Golden Rose for the Show Boat Lounge on Superior Street in downtown Toledo. 

Proceed on 304th, turn right on 124th and left on 305.  Right on 131st continue on to Edgewater Drive. Pull into the parking lot of the Ottawa River Yacht Club at 5844 Edgewater Drive (corner of Edgewater and 140th Street).

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