Murder at the Park Lane

Jefferson and 23rd Street
Murder at the Park Lane - Unholy Toledo Tour
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Built in 1925 of red brick and limestone, the Park Lane once catered to such celebrities as Eleanor Roosevelt, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, and Marilyn Monroe. In March 1933 it was the site of the murder of night clerk, John L. McLaughlin.  As the story goes, the murderers, Albert Bruno of Pittsburgh and Frank Vacchiano of Dayton wanted to impress the Licavoli gang and prior to killing McLaughlin, they spent the night at Jack Kennedy’s Studio Club waiting to shoot him.  Kennedy was forewarned by staff of armed men in his club so he didn’t show that night. Who knows, maybe the band played, I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You.


Frustrated in the attempt to kill Kennedy, the two thugs got drunk and headed for the Park Lane where they maliciously murdered McLaughlin after Vacchiano and his girlfriend had been thrown out of the hotel by him earlier in the week.


According to Hary Illman's book, Unholy Toledo, in the psychiatric query on the sanity of Vacchiano, it was reported the psychiatrist asked him, “Is it true you have killed seven men?”  “No,” replied Vacchiano, “it was only five.”  One of his victims was his own father. 


Justice was swift back in the day. Vacchiano died in the electric chair on December 29, 1933 and Bruno followed on February 6, 1934.

Continue on Jefferson to Collingwood, take a left and then another left onto Monroe Street.  Pull over 2132 Monroe, roughly across from the 911 building.

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