Toledo Bowling and Pastime Club (Georgio's)

426 Superior Street
Toledo Bowling and Pastime Club - Unholy Toledo Tour
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Now known as Georgio's Cafe International, in 1915, this building's owners incorporated as the Toledo Bowling and Pastime Club. According to Terry Shaffer, the club had 5 poker tables and 2 craps tables. Raided in 1916, 90 men were arrested and $430 was confiscated. The owner was given a fine of $30 plus court costs. The remaining 89 people were given the minimum $20 fine plus court costs for visiting a gambling house. Now, get a load of this, the fine was for all of the offenders – they divided it up and it cost them about 50 cents apiece. By the way, it was noted on the police report that there were no bowling alleys even though it was supposed to be ‘bowling' club. 

Before we move on, look across Superior Street from Georgio's and you'll see a large surface parking lot. This was once home to the Paramount Theatre, Toledo's premier movie house - it will play a role in our next stop just ahead at the corner of Jackson and Superior.


For Stop 3, pull up a few feet to the corner of Superior and Jackson—please slide over to the right so you don't block the intersection.

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