Are you ready for the inside story of Toledo’s unholiest gangsters, our infamous "Tenderloin" district, and our city's most notorious gambling halls — all from the comfort of your own vehicle? Welcome to the Unholy Toledo Tour!


Get ready for a unique trip back in time where you will:

  • WITNESS…Toledo as it was during the "unholy" years.

  • STAKE OUT…the hot spots and hit spots.

  • INVESTIGATE…historically accurate accounts of the exploits of the Licavoli Gang, Jack Kennedy, Jimmy Hayes, and a cast of characters — major and minor, good and bad!

  • EXPLORE…the excitement of Toledo from World War I through the Prohibition Era to the end of World War II.

  • ENJOY…a journey into our past as we cruise the Glass City in search of the old hoodlum haunts, brothels, gambling dens, and sites of gangland shootouts.


Grab your family and friends, pack a few snacks, and hop in your car for this D.I.Y. tour. The VoiceMap app on your smartphone will serve as your storytelling guide.

1) Install the free VoiceMap app from the Apple or Google Play Stores.

2) Sign in or create a free account.

3) Select Toledo from the list of cities.

4) Then select Unholy Toledo Tour. The tour costs $9.99—you pay via your Apple or Google account.

5) Tap on the red download button. Allow ALL the files to finish downloading before you close the app.

6) When the download is finished, the download button will change from red to green, and instead of seeing the price, you’ll see the word “Start”. Now head over to the intersection of Madison and Superior in front of the Art Tatum Celebration Column to get started!

Our self-guided tour is about 20 miles in length, consists of 20 stops, and takes about two hours to complete. Always pull over and make sure your vehicle is out of the way of traffic when viewing the tour presentations. All of the roads used are public and traffic on some can be fairly heavy. Use caution, especially when pulling into traffic or slowing for a stop. Obey all posted speed limits and traffic regulations. Caution: Buses and RVs should not attempt 119th Street on this tour. The roads are too narrow and include low clearances.

Make sure you check out our store after your tour and pick up some Unholy Toledo Tour swag! And don't forget our other tours at

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