Cleveland Comes Calling

Jefferson and 17th Street
Cleveland Comes Calling - Unholy Toledo Tour
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We mentioned earlier that Jimmy Hayes had opened a couple of operations in the Cleveland area. It seems Jimmy politely turned down the Cleveland boys when they asked for their customary cut. He paid a price for that decision at this corner.


Remember how we told you that Harry Levine managed a number of clubs for Jimmy Hayes?  Well, Levine and Hayes met each evening at a downtown restaurant to discuss the day's business and then Jimmy would head home to his new, beautiful, custom-built residence on Collingwood Avenue in the Old West End.  On the evening of September 9, 1926, Jimmy was on his way home when he thought he noticed a car full of thugs following him.  He cut down a few streets to see if they would follow and sure enough, they did.  He decided to take the quickest way home and headed west on Jefferson.  The car (with a crew from Cleveland in it) caught up to Jimmy at 16th Street and they opened up on him with a sawed-off, 12-gauge shotgun.

Hayes was hit in the head, neck, chest, and arms with double-ought buckshot.  His car skidded into a pole at 17th Street.  Luckily for Hayes, a cab driver witnessed the event and quickly pulled Jimmy from the wreck and drove him to St. Vincent Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.  Hayes survived the attack but one of his businesses in Cleveland didn't—it was fire-bombed on the same night of the attack. 

Continue on Jefferson to 23rd street and pull over to the right in front of the Park Lane Hotel.

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